Currency exchange online

  • Currency exchange without spread
  • Low costs of currency exchange
  • Currency exchange negotiations
  • Service available online and 24/7

Internet currency exchange is simple and is done online without intermediaries.

Why use this service?

A loan in a foreign currency?

splacasz kredyt w walucie

  • lower loan installment
  • repayment of installments directly to the loan account
  • no need to have a foreign currency account
  • have decisions when you want, 24/7 online access


Going on holiday?

jedziesz na wakacje

  • more favorable exchange rate when compared with a bank or exchange office
  • more money available for the holiday
  • whenever you want, 24/7 online access


Do you have family in Poland?

masz rodzine w polsce

  • saving money during currency exchange
  • lowest cost of international transfers and remittances
  • secure exchange without leaving home, 24/7 online access


How to use the service?

Only 4 steps!

5 minutes

Register now

Registered users can freely move across the platform.

Registration and account maintenance are free.

3 minutes

Transfer money to Trejdoo wallet

Transferring money is a necessary step to complete the transaction.

To do this, make a transfer from your bank account to the one of our recommended banks in the chosen country.

30 seconds

Add the exchange order

You can make the exchange after money is transfered to the Trejdoo wallet.

Exchange currency at the best currency exchange rate.

2 minutes

Withdraw money

Withdraw money from the online wallet 24/7.

We offer cheap and fast transfers to all banks in your country and abroad. Check the list of recommended banks.

* Note: we give the average time of each step

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