Money transfers

Send international transfers without the need of having a foreign currency bank account
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What are the characteristics of our money transfers?


Low cost of transfer execution
No need to maintain a foreign currency bank account


Transaction security provided by the Domestic Payment Institution


Speed and simplicity of transfer orders
Advisory services from our experts

Money transfer is a service consisting of the acceptance of funds by an authorized entity and their transfer to an indicated recipient.

A bank transfer can only be made between people with access to bank accounts. A money transfer can be made to a payee who does not have a bank account. Trejdoo gives you various options for sending funds. You can send money to another Trejdoo user. The exchanged currency can be sent to a multi-currency wallet, which is integrated with the IgoriaCard multi-currency card.

Trejdoo money transfers can be ordered in currencies that are available on the platform. If you do not have the proper currency, you can make an online exchange in our exchange office.

We send money transfers to nearly 200 countries. We care about the safety of our clients and the highest AML standards, which is why we cooperate with countries that obtained a score above 60 points ranked by

Registration and opening of a currency wallet from which money transfers are ordered is free. Transfer fees are low and details you can find in the table of fees.

How can I transfer money?

Top up your account on our platform
Choose the currency you want to send
Enter recipient's details
Choose the transfer type
Confirm the transfer
Confirm the transfer
Choose the transfer type

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