Secure the settlement of your transactions
Limit the risk related to the financial liquidity of the contractor or the quality of the goods received

Why is it worth using ESCROW?


Certainty of receipt of goods or services in accordance with the contract
Guarantee of receiving payment


No additional intermediaries
Agreement between the parties is created online in minutes


Save time and nerves
No court costs to assert your rights

Escrow is a settlement account where the buyside and sellside of the agreement secure funds and goods of the transaction, which are released only when the terms of the agreement are met.

ESCROW is a solution that can be used by both legal entities and natural persons.

By using ESCROW you save time and money. Registration and maintenance of an ESCROW account on our platform is free of charge. Trejdoo only charges a percentage commission on the value of the contract in accordance with the table of fees and commissions.

ESCROW is the perfect security for every purchase / sale transaction. Regardless of whether the subject of the transaction is (a vehicle, real estate, goods or service), you can be sure that the payment will be made only when both parties are satisfied.

Thanks to ESCROW, you can secure every financial transaction, both domestically and internationally. ESCROW is an excellent alternative for entrepreneurs who have so far used very complex, both formally and logistically, time-consuming and relatively expensive solutions – letters of credit and collection.

How to create an ESCROW contract?

Create a new contract
Select the type of secured good / service
Define the characteristics of the good / service
Set the terms of the contract
Send an invitation to the other side of the transaction
Receive the goods or payment
Receive the goods or payment
Send an invitation to the other side of the transaction
Set the terms of the contract

Would you like to create ESCROW?

Use the instruction to create an ESCROW contract in Trejdoo and secure your transaction.

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