How to make a money transfer?

Here you can find instructions step by step how to make a money transfer.

  1. Log in to the platform.
  2. Before you start ordering a transfer, make sure that you have set proper daily limits for transfers. You can check it (and change it) in the “My data” tab. You can find step-by-step instructions here.
  3. When you are on the home page, press the “Withdraw funds” button.
  4. If you are sending funds to an account that you previously added as a template, press the “Recipient list” button and select the appropriate account (“Make transfer”). If you want to create such a template, click the “Add beneficiary” button (instructions).
  5. Choose where you want the transfer to be made. If the recipient of the transfer has a bank account, select “External transfer”. If you want to send money to a user of one of the platforms (Trejdoo, IgoriaCard, Klasomat), select the appropriate option.
  6. Choose the account in Trejdoo from which the transfer has to be made. Then select the currency in which the funds will be sent.
  7. 8. If you have a previously saved transfer template, you can select it from the drop-down list. If not, leave the option “Choose template”.
  8. Choose whether the transfer will be made to a bank account located in Poland or abroad.
  9. Specify whether the account you’re sending money to is your own account („Internat transfer to account”) or if it belongs to another entity („Foreign account”). If you pay off the loan, select the option: “Credit account”.
  10. If you chose the option: “Internal transfer to account”, the name and surname / name as well as the address were entered automatically. If you are sending money to a foreign account, please enter the name and address of the recipient now. The same should be done with the option “Credit Account”.
  11. Type in the recipient’s bank account number.
  12. If you make a transfer to an account in a foreign bank, use the SWIFT code search engine. To search for the recipient’s bank, enter the SWIFT number or the name of the bank and press the “Search” button. Find on the displayed list the bank in which the transfer recipient has an account and press the “Select” button. Bank details will be provided in the proper place on the form.
  13. Enter the amount of funds being transferred. If you want to transfer all funds in the selected currency, check the option: “Transfer all funds in the selected currency”.
  14. Select the transfer mode: standard or express. More information about the cost of transfers can be found here.
  15. Enter the transfer title (e.g. invoice number you are paying).
  16. If additional documents are required for the payment, you can add them now.
  17. In the case of recurring transfers or transfers that may repeat in the future, it is worth selecting the “Save as a new template” option in order to make transfers later using the same data.
  18. Confirm the order by clicking „Transfer” button.
  19. Summary information is displayed. If all the details are correct, enter the code you received via SMS. Accept and that’s it! Your money transfer order is executed.