IBAN foreign currency account

  • 26 digit individual account number
  • available in PLN, EUR, USD, CHF, GBP and NOK
  • account to receive payments from third parties
  • easy and quick access to cash
  • exchange without spread
  • domestic and foreign payments

IBAN account on Trejdoo.com as the equivalent of a bank account gives you unlimited access to receive deposits of funds from all over the world. Accounts are available in currencies PLN, EUR, USD, CHF, GBP and NOK, which allows for convenient and safe use of funds collected. Customers can choose from an account in one of the following options Silver and Prestige.

Why is IBAN account worth opening?

Receive the salary in foreign currency?

otrzymujesz wsparcie finansowe

  • receive salaries in foreign currency directly on the account IBAN
  • no need to open and maintain foreign currency account in the bank
  • access to the best exchange rates online
  • saving time and money


Have settlements in the country and abroad?

rozliczenia w kraju i zagranicą

  • receive payments of invoices from around the world directly on the IBAN
  • revenues directly from ZUS, US and other institutions
  • the ability to carry out domestic and foreign payments
  • exchange of currencies by the best rates on the market


Do not like to overpay?


  • saving from the currency exchange
  • safe and comfortable execution of outgoing transfers
  • free access to the currency portfolio


Do you appreciate comfort?


  • two packages of accounts: SILVER and PRESTIGE
  • foreign currency accounts in PLN, EUR, USD, GBP, CHF and NOK
  • accepting deposits to an individual IBAN account
  • online 24/7 access


How to use the service?

Only 3 steps!

5 minutes


A registered user is free to move across the platform.

3 minutes

Apply now for IBAN account

Apply to open the IBAN account in the selected currency. Send a request using the User Control Panel.

1 minute

Incoming and outgoing payments

Recieve payments from individuals and business partners directly on your Trejdoo.com IBAN account and withdraw money in different currencies.

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