How to create a new ESCROW?

Here you can find instructions step by step how to create a new ESCROW.

  1. Log in to the platform.
  2. On the main page click „ESCROW contracts” button. You can find it on the blue tab at the top of the page.
  3. Click the „Add new cotract” button.
  4. Choose which item the contract will cover. This could be a vehicle, real estate, product (e.g. computer), or service.
  5. Name the contract in such way that you can recognize the item in the contract list in the future.
  6. Type in the e-mail address of the second side involved in the transaction (your business partner). An invitation to finalize the transaction will be sent to this address.
  7. Choose your side in this transaction (sell-side or buy-side).
  8. Indicate whether additional payment will be required to deliver the subject of the contract. Go further.
  9. Describe the subject of the contract.
  10. Enter the number of items (if the contract is for more than one item) as well as the unit of measure (e.g. pounds for goods).
  11. Enter the unit price and select the currency from the list.
  12. If the contract covers more than one item (e.g. different commodities), press “Add Item” to describe the next item.
  13. Add attachments – it can be a scan of the contract, transport document, invoice etc. You can add files by using the “Select file” button, and then confirming the file with the “Add” button. If you made a mistake and added a file that does not apply to the contract, press the “X” next to the appropriate file.
  14. The total contract value is displayed. Choose how the transaction will be settled – whether after the buyer’s approval, or on a specific date, or whether the settlement should take place immediately.
  15. If everything is correct, press the “Accept” button. Congratulations, your contract has been added successfully. Now, the second side of the transaction will receive an invitation to the e-mail address with information about the contract. If your contractor accepts the terms, the transaction will be settled – the buyer will receive the subject of the contract, the seller will receive the money.