Foreign currency IBAN account

  • 26 digit account number for international settlement in foreign currency
  • account to receive payments from customers from all over the world
  • conversion without the spread of banking
  • two attractive packages: SILVER and PRESTIGE

Foreign currency IBAN accounts on available in PLN, EUR, USD, CHF, GBP and NOK, enable fast and secure settlement of incoming and outgoing payments around the world. Withdrawals and deposits from clients are carried out online 24/7. Additionally access to instant exchange and negotiation rates saves time and money.

Why is IBAN account worth opening?

Settlements with business partners

delegacje służbowe

If your company is settled with partners in PLN, EUR, USD, CHF, GBP, NOK or planning international development can significantly reduce the cost of settlements by selecting one of the available packages of IBAN accounts. The accounts allow you to collect payments on individual 26 digit account without incurring additional costs. Currency transactions can be conducted online 24/7.

Save time and money for companies

najkorzystniejsze rozliczenia z kontrahentami

IBAN accounts are dedicated for each company, institution or organization receiving incoming transfers or carrying out payments in foreign currency. IBAN account is ideally suited to receive current payments and daily settlements, including payment of invoices. No additional currency exchange, easy and quick access to funds, and free transfers allow you to generate additional savings.

IBAN account for everyone

Najtańsze konta walutowe dla firm

The offer of IBAN accounts for business customers is addressed to individuals having their own business, all kinds of companies, foundations, residential communities, etc. Business customer has the possibility to open the IBAN account in one of the two packages: Silver and Prestige. Thanks to the opening the account, customers can make free domestic and international transfers. Each package of IBAN account includes dedicated discount program that gives you the opportunity to receive additional benefits.

How to use the service?

Only 3 steps!

5 minutes


A registered user is free to move across the platform.

1 minute

Incoming and outgoing payments

Recieve payments from individuals and business partners directly on your IBAN account and withdraw money in different currencies.

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