Trejdoo on the map of polish fintech 2023

The next Cashless Fintech Evening event

On 15 June 2023, another event in the Cashless Fintech Evening series took place in Warsaw’s Elektrownia Powisle, which saw the premiere of the sixth edition of the Map of Polish Fintech. Since the report’s inception, the authors have recognised’s contribution to the development of the modern finance segment.

The role of foreign exchange platforms in the financial sector

The category of ‘online currency exchange’, into which is classified, is a segment that plays a significant role in the financial sector in Poland, offering both individual customers and companies services that enable currency exchange at favourable rates. Key features of these platforms include:

  • Accessibility and convenience: being online is a huge convenience for the user. Customers can exchange currencies comfortably from the comfort of their own home or office
  • competitive rates: these platforms often offer more competitive exchange rates than traditional banks, thanks to lower operating costs and strong market competition
  • speed of transactions: online currency exchange platforms usually enable transactions to be carried out quickly, which is particularly important for business and travellers
  • security of funds and data is a key element, and most platforms employ advanced security measures to protect their customers
  • regulation: The Polish foreign exchange market is regulated by the relevant financial institutions, which provides an additional layer of security and reliability for users of these services
  • variety of services: In addition to the currency exchange itself, many platforms offer additional services such as international money transfers, currency risk management or financial advice

Igoria Trade S.A. platforms on the map

Other platforms operated by Igoria Trade S.A., were also on the map: IgoriaCard in the ‘payments’ category and Klasomat in the ‘services designed to manage personal finances’ category. The authors of the study are the industry portal and the Fintech Poland Foundation. The entire report is available at:

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