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Currency Exchange Online - security

January 5, 2016

Currently we have a revolution on the currency exchange market. Internet exchange offices are full of offers and promotions for new as well as loyal customers. However, before using the services of such a place one should pay attention to whom such a service is dedicated and what is its legal status.

For whom?

The answer is very simple. Internet exchange offices are for people over 18 years old and for those who are fully registered on selected platforms. Registration is simple. It usually consists of several steps in which the user is required to give the real personal data. Providing this data really improves communication and assistance in emergency situations. The system can also verify customer and send all information connected with certain user’s account.

Trust and security

It is very important to check legal status of internet exchange office. They are working under Code of Commercial Companies and therefore they can be divided into joint-stock companies and limited liability companies. Some of them are licensed payment institutions and are under Polish Financial Supervision Authority. is owned by Igoria Trade S.A, the European Payment Institution. It is authorized to provide payment services in 31 countries in Europe. can operate in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Spain, Netherlands, Ireland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Malta, Germany, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Hungary, Great Britain and Italy. Igoria Trade S.A. is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, on the NewConnect market. It operates under Polish Financial Supervision Authority as well as other regulations that ensure high standards of financial services (e.g. money laundering act, payment services act).

Writing about safety of internet exchange office one should know what exactly is the scope of its services. This is strictly defined in the payment services act. There are detailed information concerning deposits and cash withdrawals from a payment account, transfers, payments and other activities. Opening an account in internet exchange office, so called portfolio, we must also take into account issues related to the security of financial transactions and foreign exchange transactions. These issues are also regulated by payment services act. We can find there, among others, on what bank accounts our funds are kept. Security is very important, especially when it comes to customer’s own money. It is wise to pay attention to above mentioned matters when depositing money in certain internet exchange office. & Open Day Wilanów 2015

A sunny day is an ideal time to get to know your neighbour and getting to know your neighbour was the theme at a local event held in Warsaw’s Wilanow which was invited. We were very happy that the event allowed us to get to know you better and personally, thank you very much for all the kind words.

The event attracted a lot of people, many of whom visited us and wanted to learn how to make their credit in CHF lower or what to do to make sure that their holiday will be without any additional or unnecessary costs. These questions are often asked during a time of unstable currency exchange rates and increasing fees for currency conversion and  are very important. The team willingly advised people how to use our products on the platform to get more attractive exchange rates or how to save money using our currency card Trejdoo. 

We are glad that we could participate in such a great event, and we want to thank you for your trust you and wish you a wonderful holiday with our card and always a very good currency exchange rate. & Speedway Grand Prix Prague 2015

An Incredible experience, unique races, the roar of engines and the smell of methanol – this is what a speedway meeting is like and the latest attended took place on 23th of May at the Marketa Stadium in Prague. was an event partner in Prague and was very popular among the host of fans from all around the world, including Polish and British. The Fan zone was the center of attention with sport’s big stars and was a magnet for the fans of speedway.

During the excellent racing, Team encouraged fans to join and use our services. Our products were met with great interest among fans and professionals and the ability to quickly register and receive a unique gadget helped a lot in gaining new range of customers. Currency exchange, money transfers in cooperation with Czech banks and booking rates were the most popular services.

The excitement of the fan zone and the thrilling finale of the competition met the expectations of the fans and we congratulate the victor Tai Woffinden of GB, with Poles Jarek Hampel and Marciej Janowski coming 2nd and 3rd.

We are glad to have participated in such a great event and would like to thank all our new customers for your interest and trust. & Speedway Grand Prix Praga & Speedway Grand Prix Praga & Speedway Grand Prix Praga & Speedway Grand Prix Praga

About the online finances in The Financial Newspaper

"The development of the internet led to huge changes in all areas of human life. Access to financial markets became available in any place where we can use the internet" - said our Corporate Finance Dealer in The Financial Newspaper.

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Thanks Anti-Spread Act, in each bank for two years and a half an installment can be returned directly in the currency purchased outside the bank. Usually it is enough to sign free annex to the loan agreement.


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