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Cooperation of Igoria Trade with Credit Agricole

Igoria Trade Company, the operator of the platform, started the cooperation with Credit Agricole. Altogether the company has already signed agreements with 21 banks. It is much more than direct competition.

- Thanks to the agreements of cooperation and keeping bank accounts, the customers of a given financial institution can transfer their funds between their bank account and Trejdoo wallet instantly and free of charge. Savings and convenience are the main reasons why the Poles decide to exchange currency on the Internet resigning from traditional ways of exchanging currency at a bank or stationary currency exchange - says Wojciech Kuliński, CEO at Igoria Trade.
- Credit Agricole presence of 21 banks cooperating with Trejdoo platform moving up our leading position in exchange social networking sites as well as on-line currency exchange. It is our response to the needs of a growing number of consumers who use exchange services to the mortgage payment and corporate clients with clearing counterparties in foreign currencies and the next step in the development of the trading platform - ends Wojciech Kuliński.

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