Partnership program

Trejdoo Partnership Program

How much can you earn in Trejdoo Partner Program?

When the person recommended by the Partner do any transaction on the Partner account will be credited with the appropriate partner remuneration. The more recommended people and transactions, the greater salary will be on the Partner’s account.

Where can I check the balance of Trejdoo Partner Program account?

The account balance can be checked in a tab Partner Program -> Wallet

How is the salary calculated:

Example 1:

Partner has sent the invitations to 3 people who carry out currency exchange transactions.
WAll these people have confirmed the invitations and register on where:


The recommended people for at least six months conduct transactions on the,
for 6 months from the date of the recommended person registration, the partner account will automatically be credited by the commissions.

Example 2:

In April:

  • Recommended person 1 bought on EUR 35 000 for 4,50 PLN,
  • Recommended person 2 sold on 90 000 USD for 3.30 PLN,
  • Recommended person 3 bought on 150 000 CHF for 3,50 PLN.

Up to 10 th working day in May the Partner received the following amounts:

  • 14,00 EUR because the person 1 paid 70 EUR commission - the partner received 20% of it,
  • 118,80 PLN because the person 2 paid 594 PLN commission - the partner received 20% of it,
  • 60,00 CHF because the person 3 paid 300 CHF commission - the partner received 20% of it.

The Partner can transfer these amounts to Trejdoo portfolio or exchange it and withdraw on their bank account.

How does the Partners payment is made?

Partners remuneration is calculated monthly up to 10th day of the following month.
Wypłata jest możliwa jeżeli kwota wynagrodzenia osiągnie minimum 100 PLN brutto.
The payment is possible if the amount reaches at least 100 PLN (gross value).
Partner remuneration collected in foreign currency is converted into PLN at the NBP purchase rate. Remuneration payment is possible after delivery by the Partner all necessary documents specified in the Partner Program terms.

Do your remuneration from Trejdoo Partner Program must be settled with the Tax Office?

Incomes from Trejdoo Partner Program must be settled with the Tax Office.
Partner shall make appropriate settlements of tax obligations related to achieving incoms from Trejdoo Partner Program on his costs and responsibility.

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