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How to exchange currency in

Before the first transaction we encourage you to read a short guide prepared for you.

To start exchanging currency you have to fund your Wallet by the transfer from your bank account. To do this, click the Payments tab in: My wallet. Remember that your bank must book the transaction before the transfer appears on Trejdoo. This may take several hours.

When the funds are in your Trejdoo wallet, you can begin to exchange currency. To do this, go to: Exchange orders.

If you indicate the amount, currency abd the exchange rate (the easiest way is to select it from the order book above parameters). Then you have to click: Accept. The transaction will be settled automatically as soon as the other user places an order with suitable parameters (amount, exchange rate).

Funds will be in your Trejdoo portfolio immediately after currency exchange. To pay out money, click: My Portfolio>Withdrawals. If you withdraw funds for the first time you have to add the new bank account to which the funds will be transferred. Once you've done that, you can withdraw the money exchanged on


We wish you many successful transactions!

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