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Igoria Trade Company: Results for the third quarter of 2012 better than the entire first half.

Igoria Trade Company published financial report for the third quarter of 2012. Thanks to increased business activity in order to increase the company's share in the Polish Internet currency exchange market, net sales included in the report for this period were almost twice as high as in the first half of 2012.

In the third quarter of 2012 Igoria Trade Compnay, which owns the currency exchange service, generated net sales of 175.000 PLN. They are thus almost twice as high as those achieved in the first half of this year (101.000 PLN).

For such a significant increase in revenues in the third quarter, affected by increased business activity in the direction of a systematic and consistent for increasing the share Trejdoo of the Polish currency exchange market. The most important developments during this period included: signed agreements to open accounts in the following banks in Poland. Total supports transfers of 16 banks and carries out transactions in 14 currencies. None of the competing social networking currency exchange sites to cooperate with such a large number of banks and does not offer such a wide variety available for exchange.
In the third quarter of 2012, the company has also launched an affiliate program that allows users to generate income from transactions on the platform by referrals.

In the third quarter of 2012 Igoria Trade company signed an agreement for funding under Measure 8.2 of the Operational Programme Innovative Economy, which deals with the "integration of information systems for cooperation in the field of electronic exchange and escrow trust account." Total project financing amounts to over 500 thousand PLN.

Simultaneously with intense actions aimed at increasing the share of the Polish market, continuing its expansion strategy in foreign markets. Currently Igoria Trade negotiates the terms of contracts with more foreign banks to provide competitive services and the transfer of foreign exchange for clients in other countries - this is for us a very important part of development strategy of products and services - says Wojciech Kulinski, CEO Igoria Trade Company.

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