Exchange rate booking

  • Protect the exchange risk in the future
  • After replacement warranty set forth in advance course
  • Service available online and 24/7

Exchange rate booking is a transaction to buy or sell a particular currency for a longer period than the same business day at the rate determined on the date of the reservation.

Why use this service?

Are you interested in a stable exchange rate?

Are you interested in a stable exchange rate?

  • predetermined exchange rate
  • lower loan installment
  • future loan installement certainty
  • guarantee of exchange at an agreed rate
  • providing currency on the settlement date


Receive a salary in a foreign currency?

Receive a salary in foreign currency?

  • you book the rate at the most beneficial moment and when you get your salary you exchange currency
  • predetermined exchange rate in the future
  • protection against the increase or decrease of the exchange rate
  • guarantee exchange at an agreed rate


Do you have customers or business partners abroad?

masz kontrahentow i partnerow za granica

  • hedging currency risk without any formalities and limits
  • reduce the impact of adverse changes of exchange rate on activity of the company
  • planned and predictable future cash flows and revenues
  • advice and support of our experts


How to use the service?

Only 4 steps!

5 minutes

Register now

Registered users can freely move across the platform.

Registration and account maintenance are free.

3 minutes

Transfer money to Trejdoo wallet

Transferring money is a necessary step to complete the transaction.

In order to hedge pay only 5% value of the transaction to Trejdoo wallet and the rest of the amount on the settlement date.

To do this, make a transfer from your bank account to the one of our recommended banks in the chosen country.

1 minute

Call us

Contact our dealer in order to book the best exchange rate and a convenient time of settlement.

2 minutes

Withdraw money

Transfer to your Trejdoo wallet the remaining amount in order to settle the transaction. Withdraw the cleared funds to your bank account.

We offer cheap and fast transfers to all banks in the country and abroad. Check the list of recommended banks.

* Note: we give the average time of each step

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