Currency exchange online

  • Currency exchange without spread
  • European security guarantee the paying authority
  • Possible negotiations with dealer
  • Service available online and 24/7

Exchange Currency Online - Online Currency Exchange Office

For whom?

For whom?If your company settles with counterparties in a foreign currency, you can save money on the difference between the buying and selling currency. The Trejdoo financial platform provides currency without a spread, so you can operate more efficiently. Creating an account and transaction execution is free and takes only a moment.
You can also book the current exchange rate, so that you can better plan future costs and revenues.

Negotiation of the exchange rate

negocjacja kursuIf your company wants to exchange an amount which is the equivalent of more than 1 000 units of currency, call our dealer and discuss the exchange rate. By contacting our dealer you will always get the best rate on the market and will execute the whole transaction immediately. In addition, the dealer will inform about current market events and will help you choose the best moment of the exchange.

You set the exchange rate - a social exchange currency

sam ustalasz kurs wymianyYou set the exchange rate - a social exchange currency. On the Trejdoo platform you can set your own exchange rate. Just add a new order to the order sheet with your own rate. The order will be executed if there is a person who will want to exchange currency at your exchange rate.

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