Escrow trust account

  • Guarantee of transactions and deposited cash security
  • Limited risk in cooperation with counterparty
  • Low cost: without intermediary fee
  • Service available online and 24/7

Escrow - import and export

Escrow is a fiduciary account where parties to the agreement of a purchase or sale deposit funds or transactions that are released only upon fulfillment of the conditions of the contract.


What can be the subject of a contract?

Co może być przedmiotem kontraktu?

  • Products: hardware, machinery, building materials,
  • Vehicles: cars, motorcycles, trailers, boats, tow trucks
  • Services: repair of computer equipment, transportation of goods, training, web design
  • Property: house, land, apartment, office, warehouse
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Escrow advance or down payment?

Escrow, zaliczka lub zadatek?Down payment differs from a deposit that in the event of the breaching of a contract by one party, the other party will receive the amount of the down payment, and the advance payment is simply returned, with no consequences. But what if the person who is obliged to return it runs out of money? It is necessary to prove their rights in compliance with the preliminary agreement.

Escrow is a response to a potential risk because it means freezing of the funds on an escrow account until the fulfillment of the conditions of the contract by both parties.

Buying and Selling

Kto moze korzystac z rachunku EscrowIf you are buying or selling goods and services in the country or abroad you should secure the funds on an escrow account until the execution of the transaction. This will ensure you that you will be paid on time, regardless of the current situation and the financial condition of the counterparty. Do not expose your company to the risk when you can quickly and easily eliminate them.

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