Prepaid currency card

  • No exchange rate risk
  • No conversion costs in the bank
  • Full control over the expeditures
  • The ability to recharging
  • Available in 4 currencies PLN, EUR, USD and GBP

A prepaid currency card - two cards in one

Prepaid currency card is a card on which funds are deposited and you can make payments worldwide in shops and ATM withdraws.


Doing online payments

Realizacja płatności onlineIn the case of the prepaid card payments over the Internet you do not give your company's data, so you do not run the risk of fraud in the company account. In addition, the card has a charge back service which you can use if the product or service has not been provided.

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Business trips

Business tripsIf your employees are traveling abroad or are billed in the currency, we propose a simple method of settlement of the business trip.

Currency on the card is without the exchange rate risk and currency conversion costs. The card is recharged online for a fixed amount and is not a subject to possible fluctuations. Travel costs in hotels, airports, highways and other places around the world is done without cash.

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Social Fund and Christmas

Social Fund and ChristmasIf you think about a the transfer of a Christmas bonus to employees and want everyone to be happy, specify the amount of the bonus and give it to the employee on the card. So everyone will use the funds at the own discretion and everyone will be happy.

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