Book exchange

  • Protect the rate risk in the future
  • Guarantee of exchange at an agreed rate
  • Low costs of currency exchange
  • Transaction security guaranteed by the european paying authority

Booking exchange rates - hedging exchange rate risk.

Booking the exchange rate

Rezerwacja kursuExchange rate booking is a transaction to buy or sell a particular currency for a longer period than the same business day at the rate determined on the date of the reservation.

Setting up an account and execution of the order is 4 steps and takes only a moment.

Accurate planning of costs and revenues in the currency is already possible

Accurate planning of costs and revenues in the currency is already possibleHave you placed an offer to your counterparty? You know that in a months time you will have to pay an invoice or you will receive payment for goods or services provided, and their costs and revenues are calculated based on the current exchange rate? If so, booking an exchange rate is a great solution for you! You can book the current exchange rate and deliver the money on the date you choose!

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Service tailored to your needs and without undue formalities

Usługa dopasowana do Twoich potrzeb i bez zbędnych formalnościThe exchange rate is determined individually for each booking. The exchange is executed by phone with the dealer. The rate booking is for anyone who has a fully active Trejdoo account and accepts the Terms and Comditions of Currency Exchange Bookings. Booking the rate requires a payment of security in cash. The minimum level is 5% of the transaction amount.

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