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About the online finances in The Financial Newspaper

"The development of the internet led to huge changes in all areas of human life. Access to financial markets became available in any place where we can use the internet" - said our Corporate Finance Dealer in The Financial Newspaper.

20150223 gf Purchase of currency outside the bank way to expensive Swiss franc?

Thanks Anti-Spread Act, in each bank for two years and a half an installment can be returned directly in the currency purchased outside the bank. Usually it is enough to sign free annex to the loan agreement.


Swiss francs cheaper than in the bank

"Thanks to the online currency exchange platforms such as the mortgage loan service may cost noticeably less in February."

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About the secure currency transactions through - online foreign exchange platform

Interia Business suggests a solution for people having a mortgage in Swiss francs ...

"The exchange rate of the Swiss franc still keeps repaying debt in this currency awake. Financial institutions, banks and politicians are looking for solutions that will bring relief to people having a mortgage in Swiss francs. "The way to reduce the installment is to buy the currency outside the bank. This can save up to several thousand PLN a year." - Interia Business writes about us.

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